Friday, 8 July 2016

Natural or Organic Mattresses - what's the difference?

Researching organic mattresses on the internet can be confusing.

There are now several makers, eg Happy Beds (found on ebay), calling their products "organic" when, in truth, they are often just using organic cotton for the outer ticking (mattress cover) and then still adding chemical fire retardants to pass UK standards.

The old adage, 'You get what you pay for' could never be truer in these cases, since the cost of truly organic materials would be more than these mattresses are being sold for!

We have also come across other mattress makers, such as Cambridge Natural Mattress, who are claiming that organic mattresses are still treated with chemical fire retardants and that their 'natural' product is the best choice to avoid FR treatments and chemical residues.

While this may be true for makers such as Happy Beds, it's quite wrong for them to mislead customers in this way.

All of the mattresses that we and other reputable organic mattress sellers (such as Abaca, in South Wales) offer have been independently accredited by the Soil Association and GOTS as being organic and do not contain any added chemical fire retardants, at all.

To have products tested by these organisations does cost more, so will impact on the end price, but since these tests are done (on an ongoing basis) by recognised third parties, completely independently from the maker, you, the consumer, can rest assured that the mattresses are what they say they are and do not feature any added fire retardants to pass UK standards.

At Green Woods Furniture, we have the largest display of certified, truly organic mattresses in the UK, so why not visit our Bristol showroom to find the natural way to a better night's sleep.

(Our full, certified organic mattress range can be also be found online here).

Friday, 1 July 2016

Our new ranges: Summer 2016


The Hairpin range

A brief history of hairpins

The ‘hairpin’ leg was invented by Henry P Glass in 1941 as a stylish solution to the need for sturdy furniture legs made with minimal materials. Glass moved from his home country, Austria, which had been taken over by Nazi Germany in 1939, to New York. It was Russel Wright who invited Glass to design a line of wrought iron furniture and the ‘hairpin’ leg was born. It was created out of necessity for limited materials, superior strength and simplicity and remains a modern classic design.

Henry P. Glass, creator of hairpin legs in 1941

At Green Woods Furniture, we combine rustic reclaimed timber tops with beautifully made hairpin legs to make this perfectly matched industrial style 'hairpin' dining table. The wood is stained with Van Dyke Crystals which is a natural water-based wood dye made from walnut husks and then finished with a wax to protect the wood. This table is also available in a planed back ‘clean’ finish and in a range of different sizes as well as a bespoke made-to-measure option. Please contact us for more information.

4ft x 3ft 'hairpin' reclaimed dining table (£345) with 'hairpin' chair (£245)

Our 'hairpin chair' maker, Conan Sturdy is a skilled blacksmith who works from his solar powered workshop in London. Some of his past work includes a 10 man bicycle powered pub on wheels, and a 1 tonne hanging birdcage for Spitalfields market.

Above:  Conan Sturdy in his workshop. Below:  industrial 'hairpin' chair

The Pelham Range

We also have a new range in our oak furniture selection, the ‘Pelham’ range. It is handmade by a family firm in Hertfordshire with beautiful American white oak which is sustainable and comes from well managed forests in the Northern Appalachian region. This particular species takes approximately 30 years to reach maturity, compared to an English Oak tree which takes about 80 years. It has a beautiful wide and interesting grain pattern which adds individual character to the furniture.

All drawers and doors are individually fitted to each carcass for a perfect fit. Each drawer benefits from the traditional, and still best, method of dovetail jointing providing maximum strength and stability to create strong and sturdy furniture that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Left: Pelham console table (from £845). Top right: Pelham range furniture. Bottom right: Pelham dining table (from £650)

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